Design Details by interiors experts Salvesen Graham

Mary Graham and Nicole Salvesen discuss their eponymous design company and exciting new product range, Salvesen Graham The Collection

With a developing product range, online store and multiple interiors projects, you must be extremely busy. How hands on are you in all these areas?

While our day-to-day work tends to be largely focused on our design clients, each part of the business is important to us and we ensure that the different areas reflect the Salvesen Graham ethos and brand. We are involved in all elements of the business as much as possible, but have now built a wonderful team around us to support us and to ensure all elements run smoothly.

Why did you decide to introduce a product range?

We’ve always wanted to add a curated collection of products to the business. Our interior projects can take up to three years and, in the interim, we wanted to be creative in a different way and offer something else to a wider audience, so this side of the business developed naturally. Our design projects in the UK and further afield do help to inform our products and ideas — what we love about interiors is that every project is different.

What was the first piece to be added to the collection?

Our first collaboration was with David Seyfried in 2016. We love to use pieces of

decorative furniture in our projects and the idea that we could develop this together was very exciting. Inspired by our love of Georgian design, we feature the Salvesen Graham chair in many projects and now sell these, along with the six other pieces in the collection via Salvesen Graham The Collection through our website.


You have collaborated with several other designers and brands. what has been the most exciting?

Working with renowned rug designer Jennifer Manners on our first-of-its-kind, Scallop rug, which takes a classic double-border format and adds a little flourish: the rounded lunette detail. The result perfectly marries our fresh take on timeless interiors and Jennifer Manners’ elegant aesthetic.



How did your workshops come about? which would you say are the most popular?

We have always had enquiries for smaller projects or ad hoc rooms and although this is something we can’t offer at present, we thought it would be helpful to run workshops on the various queries we found frequently asked. We started about three years ago and our workshop “Where to spend and where to save” has sold out every time! The next one is on 25 November.

Do you have any style tips to share with wildflower readers?

We love including small details in our work, whether that’s a trim on a cushion or a tape around the edge of a room — it’s the little details that really make a difference in a well-designed interior. We love to show project progress on our Instagram, too, so take a look for design tips and inspiration!


Tell us about your future plans and projects.

We have recently introduced new colours for The Lacquer Company Bamboo and Column Lamps and are working on colours and designs with Jennifer Manners. Most exciting, however, is the development of the soon-to-be-launched Salvesen Graham fabric collection, along with a range of home accessories.