About Wildflower

Wildflower Magazine was established in 2018 by Zoe Levey, a publishing professional with 20 years’ experience in the magazine business.

Zoe’s vision was to create an original Interiors and Lifestyle magazine, which also combines an element of other feel-good topics. In Wildflower, you can read about Interiors, Gardening, Wellness, Beauty, Fashion, Food and Travel, plus you’ll find our comprehensive Arts, Books & Events edit. We interview inspiring individuals and promote living well on the pages of our charming independent publication.

The name ‘Wildflower’ represents a shared sensibility of all things beautiful and natural, a gentle theme which runs through all that we do. It is a collective viewpoint – a particular and special outlook on life. Beautifully presented, with outstanding visuals and original photography, with imagery to reflect each season, Wildflower Magazine transports you to a thoughtful and relaxed place to be.

Wildflower Magazine is published twice a year. The magazine is distributed primarily in London, Oxfordshire, and the Home Counties, but is available elsewhere in the UK via select distributors, subscriptions and direct-to-your-door orders.

To order your copy or get in touch, email us hello@wildflowerpress.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you!